Pediatric Foot Care / Clubfoot

A common congenital deformity, clubfoot can occur in one foot or both. In these cases, the foot is twisted at the ankle. If left untreated, this awkward positioning of the foot may cause mobility issues. However, if correction techniques are performed incorrectly, the deformity can be compounded. By selecting a doctor who has extensive experience and training in correcting clubfoot, you can help ensure your child has a normal, active life.

Doctors that are trained in the Ponseti technique are: Doctors Hatch, Weber and Vaardahl. This form of conservative treatment requires a series of castings, followed by Achilles tenotomy – all of which occur in our office. The patient will need follow-up bracing for the next several years, usually in the form of a night abduction splint.

Kevin was a patient with bi-lateral clubfoot. With a careful therapy regiment and Kevin’s determination, a 10 year-old little boy who had never walked soon found himself up and about. Read about Kevin’s story, or view the video below: